Tuesday, July 3, 2012


"a figure of speech which produces an incongruous self contradictory effect"


Is there such a beast - NO !!!

Here I was coming back from a clients job where they used some of our oversized planters to break up the very linear appearance of the front of there extremely large contemporary home... When I was magnetically drawn to a hand painted sign on the side of the road..."CHEAP POTS" followed by another that read, "QUALITY - best price".

OK I can hear you all yelling where is this holy grail of garden pots - unfortunately folks it doesn't exist.

There is no such thing as a CHEAP QUALITY garden pot.

Having parked the Roller, I was busy perusing the choices at this quality establishment, noticing that most of it was CRAP and definitively second grade pottery - yet they were trying to sell goods at the same price if not more than what our retail prices are. I'm sure with a little bit of haggling you would find the price DRAMATICALLY REDUCED because they offer a CASH / WHOLESALE DISCOUNT of 50% or just because you're the lucky 13th customer for the day.

Guess what guys, I hate to tell you but in these sorts of instances, the RRP really has no bearing as to the costs of supplying that item to market and under no circumstances, should be used as an indicator of the quality of the item.
No one in AUSTRALIA can continuously offer ridiculous discounts upto and over 50% without either BULL SHITTING you about the RRP or being a FAKARI RUG Salesman.

When items on our website www.OutdoorEmporium.com.au go ON SALE - the RRP prices displayed are the genuine prices that we have sold our products for since day 1.
When these prices are slashed dramatically, these are either our clearance items or samples with very limited availability (a true bargain) - after all who can operate a business that sells everything at a 50% discount.

So as the World gets faster, somethings never change. BEWARE of snake oil salesmen selling CHEAP QUALITY Pots.

Happy Gardening

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